Associate Membership

  • 15 minute consultation with any of The Tribe Executive Council members
  • Access to all forums, including the Barter Board
  • Personal connection to other amazing Superbwomen
  • Opportunity to receive feedback and advice from women who have “been there/done that”
    Monthly informational webinars on a wide variety of topics
    Monthly chat groups
    Invitations to special member-only events and discounts on other special events
    Continuing opportunities for business promotion and personal growth
  • All Basic Membership members receive the following benefits:

    All Member benefits PLUS
    30 minute consultation with any of The Tribe Executive Council members
    Photo on website and promotion on social media
    Opportunity to facilitate a webinar on a topic of your choice

    Gold Members receive:

    All Member benefits PLUS
    Guest appearance on the weekly webshow, “Superbwoman Sundays at 7” with Janet Neal
    MP4 download of the show for use in promotional materials
    Written transcript of the appearance

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    Have some questions? Here are some answers:

    What is a Superbwoman?

    A Superbwoman is a woman who:
    • is comfortable in her own skin
    • has taken the time to BE: to connect with her values, her skills, her passions, her beliefs and her goals
    • is doing amazing things because she has tapped into her inner power
    • is giving back
    • is lifting others up as she goes

    You say it is for “successful Superbwomen”. How do you define “success”?
    By the very nature of the term, a Superbwoman® IS successful! If you fit the criteria of a Superbwoman, you’re a success in our book! What is more important, though, is if YOU feel successful.

    Is this an online community only?

    For the most part, yes. We want to connect Superbwomen, wherever they may be! It is by getting to know each other, and supporting each other, that we can make the most difference in the world. That being said, there will be special events in various cities from time to time.

    What does it cost?

    One year of a Basic Membership is $400 for one year.
    One year of a Gold Membership (Basic plus media option) is $700 for one year.

    I love the concept but don’t feel I meet the criteria - yet. Is there another option?

    Yes! Become an Associate Member! You'll get all the education available to members and an opportunity to learn from women who have been in your place.

    If you're interested in learning more, send us your contact information! Follow us on Facebook @thesuperbwoman or Twitter at thesuperbwoman for more information.

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